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PhoCatZo, or the fourth step

TruTraTrec is breaking new ground in wastewater treatment:

Mohammed Mehrjouei always knew he wanted to start his own company. ‘I have many ideas,’ says the 41-year-old. Seeking to break new ground in wastewater treatment, Mehrjouei conceived and developed a new photoreactor, which he...

Tomographie einer Lithium-Elektrode. Copyright: M. Osenberg / I. Manke / HZB


3D tomographic imagery reveals how lithium batteries age

Researchers have documented the degradation process of lithium electrodes in detail for the first time:

Lithium batteries lose amp-hour capacity over time. Microstructures can form on the electrodes with each new charge cycle, which further reduces battery capacity. Now an HZB team together with battery researchers from...

Zsuzsanna Heiner © WISTA Management GmbH


The Lightwave Researcher

Zsuzsanna Heiner, a physicist at the HU Graduate School SALSA, excites molecules by shooting them with lasers:

On some days, she stays until after midnight. She does so when she has been consumed by an idea, or a problem is stubbornly refusing to be solved. On days like these, she tells herself “No, not tomorrow – now!” This is one of...

LLBB-Direktor Norbert Buchholz © WISTA Management GmbH


The Health Profilers

Berlin and Brandenburg’s state laboratory, Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg (LLBB), is strengthening Adlershof’s analytics know-how with 380 additional employees:

Lab analysts often work in the background. The importance of their activities for the future of humanity, however, is becoming increasingly apparent in many areas of the economy. Whether you look at the environment, pharmacy,...

Events / Dates

Tue 24 Sep

08.30 - 16.00 2nd European Workshop on Metal Phosphonates Chemistry Richard-Willstätter-Straße 11, 12489 Berlin

Wed 30 Oct

17.00 TKA-Mitglieder stellen ihr Unter­nehmen vor: Surflay Nanotec GmbH Max-Planck-Straße 3, 12489 Berlin

Mon 04 Nov Thu 07 Nov

17th European Short Course on Time-resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy Max-Born-Straße 2A, 12489 Berlin

Wed 13 Nov

12.30 - 18.30 Workshop: Machine learning in optical analytics Albert-Einstein-Straße 15, 12489 Berlin

Tue 10 Dec Wed 11 Dec

Seminar: Schadensanalyse an metallischen Bauteilen Max-Planck-Straße 6, 12489 Berlin