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Marthe Vogt Podcast


Inspiring women in science

In the Marthe Vogt Podcast of the Forschungsverbund Berlin, junior researchers share stories about their journey into science:

For the majority of women in science, doctoral and postdoctoral phases continue to be the most vulnerable time in their careers. In the new Marthe Vogt Podcast by the Forschungsverbund Berlin (FVB), Natalia Stolyarchuk, a PhD...

Gewinner InnoSpace Masters © HU Berlin


Secure satellite communication – Berlin team wins INNOspace Masters 2019/20

Project “QuMSeC” of TU, HU and FBH becomes overall winner of the DLR innovation competition:

The winners of the INNOspace Masters competition, which is organized by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), have been announced: On 14 October, a Berlin-based team from Technische Universität, Humboldt-Universität and the...

Auszeichnung für hervorragende Ausbildungen © Agentur für Arbeit, Berlin-Süd


Helmholtz-Zentrum is one of the best trainers in Berlin

The Berlin-South Employment Agency awarded the Certificate for Young Talent Promotion 2019/2020 to the HZB:

The Berlin-South Employment Agency has awarded the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin for an innovative  procedure to select applicants for apprenticeships and dual studies not only on the basis of their grades, but also to include...

FBH-Autoren @FBH/P. Immerz


William F. Meggers Award of the SAS presented to FBH authors

The prize recognizes the paper as the outstanding publication of the year 2019 in the journal “Applied Spectroscopy”:

The paper Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy with Charge-Shifting Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Lock-In Detection was honored with the prestigious William F. Meggers Award of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy...

PicoQuant’s team in China © PicoQuant


PicoQuant GmbH strengthens local presence in China

Chinese customers benefit from a website in Chinese and a strong local presence:

To better serve its growing Chinese customer base, PicoQuant GmbH now has an official Chinese website that offers first-hand information about PicoQuant products and applications. Together with 20 trained sales and support...

Experimentierhalle BESSY II © HZB/M. Setzpfand


University of Kassel and HZB establish Joint Lab for the use of artificial intelligence

New experimental methods will be developed and the analysis of data from experiments performed at BESSY II will be significantly improved:

Every year, nearly 3000 user groups from around the world visit the electron storage ring BESSY II to study an immense variety of materials using the brilliant X-ray light the ring generates. “In the research of current...

Magnetisierung Skyrmionenwirbel. Bild: MBI


Twisting magnetization with light

Laser pulses enable faster creation of skyrmions in magnets:

A team of scientists led by the Max Born Institute (MBI), Berlin, Germany, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA, has demonstrated how tiny magnetization patterns known as skyrmions can be...

Dr. Das © BAM


Two Winners of the Falling Walls Lab Adlershof 2020

Dr. Chayanika Das (BAM) and Svea Stephan (KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte) won the Adlershof competition:

Dr. Chayanika Das, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) with Breaking the Wall of MAGNESIUM CORROSION and Svea Stephan, KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH, with Breaking the Wall of EXPLOITING FINITE...

Schema Wechselwirkung von Röntgenlicht mit Materie © Stefan Eisebitt/Max-Born-Institut


Atom-Billiards with X-Rays

A new Approach to look inside of Molecules:

Since the early days of quantum mechanics, it is known that photons also possess momentum. The photon’s ability to transfer momentum was used in a novel approach by scientists of the Max Born Institute, Uppsala University,...


A sec­ond DLR study on COVID-19 and mo­bil­i­ty

Pub­lic trans­port wanes in pop­u­lar­i­ty, pri­vate trans­port gains in im­por­tance:

Public transport is losing ground in Germany, while the importance of individual means of transport, especially private cars, is increasing. These are the key findings of the second survey conducted by the German Aerospace...

CHEOPS © ESA/ATG medialab


First measurement results of the CHEOPS space tele­scope were published

WASP-189b is one of the hottest exoplanets known to date:

Initial measurements made by the European CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite (CHEOPS) space telescope indicate that the giant planet, WASP-189b, located 326 light years from Earth, glows as hot as a small star as it orbits...

Unterzeichner Kooperationsvertrag IKZ/HZB © Sandra Fischer, HZB


HZB & IKZ Bundle Their Competencies In Crystalline Energy And Quantum Materials

On September 11, 2020, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) signed a cooperation agreement to advance joint research on energy and quantum materials. As part of the...


Dr. Raphael Jay has received the Carl-Ramsauer-Award for his excellent dissertation

The physicist studied ultrafast charge transfer dynamics in iron complexes:

Dr. Raphael Jay has received this year's Carl-Ramsauer-Prize of the German Physical Society of Berlin (DPGzB). The prize honours outstanding dissertations in physics and related fields and will be awarded during a festive...

HZB-Team BAIP © arö/HZB


Solar-cell façade at HZB undergoes real-life testing

360 solar modules integrated into the building envelope of the new BESSY testing hall:

Solar-modules shimmer bright blue on the cladding of a new building at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB). They are special CIGS thin-film modules custom-developed and produced in Germany for integration into the building’s...

rapidFLIMHiRes © PicoQuant


PicoQuant’s rapidFLIM HiRes combines ultra fast FLIM imaging with outstanding 10 ps time resolution

Users can now visualize dynamic processes in cells or tissues with unprecedented acquisition speed and time resolution:

Imaging dynamic processes in tissues or cells require methods that are fast, reliable, and quantitative. Scientists and engineers at PicoQuant have developed rapidFLIMHiRes which enables imaging samples at up to 15 frames per...


Self-imaging of a molecule by its own electrons

Mapping the atomic motion during a molecular vibration:

One of the long-standing goals of research on the light-induced dynamics of molecules is to observe time-dependent changes in the structure of molecules, which result from the absorption of light, as directly and...


Kick-off for Research Training Group “Rethinking Quantum Field Theory”

The Research Training Group (RTG) 2575 “Rethinking Quantum Field Theory” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) has started its work:

The Research Training Group 2575 “Rethinking Quantum Field Theory”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), has started its work. Due to the pandemic, the hiring of the first two cohorts was delayed until autumn 2020....



Adlershof company TIWARI offers online service for 3D printing of metals and ceramics

RAPTOR technology enables cost-effective 3D printing:

TIWARI Scientific Instruments is a hardware-oriented company, currently incubated by the European Space Agency (ESA), and aiming at leveraging their strong connection to the Space industry for accelerating technological...


High-Quality Crystals for Advanced Research

DESY and Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung sign cooperation agreement:

Cooperation between DESY and the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) will literally become closer in the future. The Berlin Leibniz-Institute will establish a branch office on the Hamburg campus. Last week, the two...

Tandemsolarzelle © HZB/Eike Köhnen


Production facilities for silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells at Helmholtz-Zentrum

New facilities pave the way for industrial-scale production:

Perovskites are regarded as promising materials for solar cells, able to be manufactured at low cost while at the same time being extremely efficient. They are particularly suitable for tandem solar cells that combine a cell...