PicoQuant Donates 5000 EUR to Berliner Tafel e.V.

The donation included contributions from the company and PicoQuant employees:

PicoQuant donated 5000 EUR to the Berliner Tafel e.V. charity. The organization works to combat hunger and poverty in Berlin, providing food and support to those in need. Frederik Siegmann, Head of Marketing of…


HZB receives funding to make innovations usable more quickly

Helmholtz Association funds innovation platforms on accelerator technologies and photovoltaics research with 4.2 million euros:

The Helmholtz Association has selected three new innovation platforms that will now be funded. HZB is involved in two of them: The Innovation Platform on Accelerator Technologies HI-ACTS is intended to open up modern…


A new hydro-social reality in Colombia

In the Water4Whom project, HU scientists study the effects of mega-dams:

“Colombian mega-dams are creating a new hydro-social reality,” says Prof. Tobias Krüger, Co-Director of IRI THESys and Principal Investigator in the Water security for Whom? research project. “The question that…


Multi-million-Euro funding for two collaborative quantum technology projects

HU Berlin, German Aerospace Center, Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, and IRIS Adlershof are involved in the projects:

Quantum technologies promise a variety of completely new applications. In addition to quantum computers, quantum sensing and quantum communication are among the areas of quantum technology in which the first, also…


Future-oriented expansion of the LUM management

Susanne Lerche-Merchant will strengthen the management of the company as Managing Director/CEO as of March 2023:

LUM GmbH was founded in 1994 by the Managing Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Lerche as innovative development, production and service corporation. The headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany. Subsidiaries work in…


Solar cells produced from liquid inks were tested under real life conditions in the field

HZB team optimises metal halide perovskites for the slot die coater – a step towards industrial production:

Solar cells made from metal halide perovskites achieve high efficiencies and their production from liquid inks requires only a small amount of energy. A team led by Prof. Dr. Eva Unger at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin is…


A box full of memories

Sabine Berger was an animator on GDR television. An exhibition at Theater Ost commemorates the start of broadcasting:

Guten Abend, verehrte Fernsehfreunde – good evening, dear TV fans – were the fairly unspectacular words that launched the first two-hour broadcasts of German television in the former Soviet occupation zone, uttered by…


Resource-friendly methanol production

With new procedures, Marek Chęciński wants to considerably improve the climate footprint in the production of the chemical:

Methanol’s carbon footprint is abysmal. Marek Chęciński has now developed a procedure for producing this important substance in a more resource-efficient way. A pilot plant is currently being built in Adlershof, and…


HZB team investigates charge transport in MXenes

Superstore MXene are considered an exciting new class of materials for energy storage:

MXenes are able to store large amounts of electrical energy like batteries and to charge and discharge rather quickly like a supercapacitor. They combine both talents and thus are a very interesting class of materials…


Scienion and Adlershof grew in parallel

“We know how to handle even the divas among the molecules”:

When I first started telling my staff that we would relocate to Adlershof, they were dumbfounded. They asked if I had lost my mind,” says Holger Eickhoff. “Back then, everything here had the same address. There were…


Tackling the climate crisis with high-efficiency tandem solar cells

The research at Helmholtz-Zentrum has reached the pinnacle of its field:

“No other sandwich will give you this amount of energy” – although this is putting it quite crudely, the sentence contains a highly scientific truth. After all, it was included in the presentation of Amran Al-Ashouri,…


Collaborative geographic information systems

The FOSSGIS conference in Adlershof:

FOSSGIS, the leading conference on free and open-source software for geoinformation systems in the German-speaking countries, will take place at Erwin Schrödinger Centre between 15–18 March 2023. Organisers include…


Flexible charging strategy in electrified logistics fleets can relieve pressure on power grids

Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI), IAV and E.DIS Netz GmbH presented the results of the research project Netz_eLOG on the intelligent grid integration of e-mobility:

Electric fleets in the logistics industry offer secured flexibility for the power grid. Together with grid-serving charging strategies, they can help to avoid bottlenecks or overloads in distribution grids and make…


Hidden heroes and their role models

A high school student, a young workshop manager, and a retired professor tell what it all comes down to:

What drives young people? Why are role models so important for fostering young talent? And is it possible that young talent then becomes a role model for others? A high school student, a young workshop manager, and a…


The honorary sweeper

Kurt Kann-Klara makes sure the historical airfield stays clean:

He always has his tools with him. Garbage bags, hand sweep and dustpan, all are at the ready in his bicycle basket. Additionally, he has a pair of gripping tongs that help him pick up rubbish without bending down. And…


Dogs and dads

Essay by Paul Bokowski, Author from Berlin:

“Nika could not have fit in there,” I say to you. Nika’s name is actually Nikita. But when we first came here, you couldn’t remember her name and so you called your grandad’s mutt Nika. “The capsule was tiny,” I…


In conversation with Michael Adam

Veteran Adlershofer and a service worker at Leibik Catering & Event GmbH:

“Radiate joy and you will receive it doubly.” Michael Adam, a veteran Adlershofer and a service worker at Leibik Catering & Event GmbH, was able to test his life motto in practice at the Technology Park for decades:…


Adlershof Journal March/April 2023

Inspiring. How we enthuse each other:

The honorary sweeper: Kurt Kann-Klara keeps the historical airfield clean //  Green Chemistry: Marek Chęciński aims at making methanol production more resource-friendly //  FOSSGIS conference: Collaborative geographic…


Learning from the best

The successful Adlershof Technology Park also serves as a blueprint for the development of the Lusatia Science Park:

A 420-hectare innovation landscape with international appeal is to emerge on the northern periphery of Cottbus. Co-initiator of this outstanding project for Lusatia’s economic restructuring is the Brandenburg…


Speeding up diagnostics! Entangled photon pairs to help fighting cancer

FBH scientists from Adlershof will develop the required diode lasers and quantum light modules:

Cancer is the second leading cause of death and the most feared disease in aging Western societies, representing the greatest challenge to modern medicine. Since cancer cannot be prevented, early and differentiated…