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Light-controlled molecules: Scientists develop new recycling strategy

Discovery lays the foundation for recycling of yet non-recyclable plastics:

Robust plastics are composed of molecular building-blocks, held together by tough chemical linkages. Their cleavage is extremely difficult to achieve, rendering the recycling of these materials almost impossible. A research...


MBI researchers find the solution to the puzzle

Slow, but efficient: Low-energy electron emission from intense laser cluster interactions:

For the past 30 years intense laser cluster interactions have been seen primarily as a way to generate energetic ions and electrons. In surprising contrast with the hitherto prevailing paradigm, a team of researchers has now...


World record: Fastest 3D tomographic images at BESSY II

An HZB team has developed an ingenious precision rotary table at the EDDI beamline at BESSY II and combined it with particularly fast optics.:

This enabled them to document the formation of pores in grains of metal during foaming processes at 25 tomographic images per second - a world record. The quality of materials often depends on the manufacturing process. In...


Jenoptik is investing in its Berlin site

Jenoptik is responding to the growing demand for high-power laser diodes with technical modernization and higher levels of staffing.:

In Berlin, Jenoptik is investing in modern production equipment, so ensuring the long-term competitiveness in a photonic core business: Thanks to new machines and systems, Jenoptik can speed up order processing for the...


Concepts for new switchable plasmonic nanodivices

A magneto-plasmonic nanoscale router and a high-contrast magneto-plasmonic disk modulator controlled by external magnetic fields:

Plasmonic waveguides open the possibility to develop dramatically miniaturized optical devices and provide a promising route towards the next-generation of integrated nanophotonic circuits for information processing, optical...


HZB Newsletter in English now

Get latest news out of science:

You can now register to receive the monthly HZB Newsletter automatically by email. It always contains two or three science features from research activities, information on personnel matters, and video and reading tips such...


Insight into loss processes in perovskite solar cells enables efficiency improvements

In perovskite solar cells, charge carriers are mainly lost through recombination occurring at interface defect sites. :

In contrast, recombination at defect sites within the perovskite layer does not limit the performance of the solar cells at present. Teams from the University of Potsdam and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) were able to...


Insight into catalysis through novel study of X-ray absorption spectroscopy

An international team has made a breakthrough at BESSY II.:

For the first time, they succeeded in investigating electronic states of a transition metal in detail and drawing reliable conclusions on their catalytic effect from the data. These results are helpful for the development of...


ERC Starting Grant awarded to Antonio Abate

HZB scientist has been awarded for his research project on perovskite solar cells. :

The ERC Starting Grant supports outstanding researchers in an early phase of their scientific careers with up to 1.5 million euros over five years and is considered one of the most important European awards. Abate heads a...


Shutdown BESSY II

work has started:

As of 30 July 2018, BESSY II will be down for several weeks. In the summer shutdown, important components in the storage ring tunnel will be replaced and overhauled. The first conversion work for the BESSY VSR project also...


Benjamin Fingerhut receives the ERC Starting Grant

The junior group leader at the Max Born Institute (MBI), is recipient of the prestigious ERC Starting Grant 2018.:

The project addresses ultrafast biomolecular dynamics via a non-adiabatic theoretical approach. The award is granted by the European Research Council (ERC) to support excellent researchers at the beginning of their...


Flipping the switch on supramolecular electronics

For the first time, two-dimensional materials have been decorated with a photoswitchable molecular layer, and electronic components have been fabricated from the resulting hybrid materials that can be controlled by light:

The results of this fruitful collaboration of several European research groups have been published in Nature Communications. Owing to their outstanding electrical, optical, chemical and thermal properties, two-dimensional...


What happens when we heat the atomic lattice of a magnet all of a sudden?

Magnets have fascinated humans for several thousand years and enabled the age of digital data storage. They occur in various flavors. Ferrimagnets form the largest class of magnets and consist of two types of atoms. Similar...


Adlershof Journal July/August 2018

So much more than “Planet Party”: How the Science City’s event venues bring people together:

Successful events, events for success: How important are events in the digital age? //  World-class research in just three minutes: Apply now for the Falling Walls Lab //  1st Pint of Science: 12th July 2018 at the student...

Illustration D. Mahnkopf


The Case for More Vitality: Why touching, smelling and tasting are so important

Essay by Paulina Czienskowski, independent journalist from Berlin:

Nobody can stop the invasion of our lives by the digital transformation, which is clinging to our lives like the suction cups on the tentacles of an octopus. Livestreams, chats, Google Earth – anybody can see and listen to...

 Hans-Dieter Tack


Aviation enthusiast and one of the tour guides through the diverse history of Adlershof

In conversation with Hans-Dieter Tack:

Tack is an aviation enthusiast. He is fascinated by the technology of flying, although he has never taken off himself. People who have visited one of his fascinating forays into the diverse history of Adlershof have been able...

Silvana Schneider


The Long-distance Woman

Event manager Silvana Schneider likes a challenge when she goes on holiday:

Up a hill and down across dirt tracks and gravel with sore feet and 11-kilo baggage on her back. When Silvana Schneider goes on holiday, she seeks out the extreme to find peace. She hiked the Camino de Santiago through...

Events Feuerwerk


Adlershof is a mecca for conferences and networking events

Always something going on in the science city:

Adlershof is the venue for conferences, meetings, road shows and many other events that attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. Just counting last year, Adlershof’s event service was responsible for organising...

Park der Sinne. Bild: FREYLER Industriebau GmbH


Successful events, events for success

How important are events in the digital age?:

Considering digital transformation and the long reach of social media, are events still necessary? We asked Adlershof-based companies why they indeed still are. During Phoenix Contact Day, there is much going on at the...

Hannover Messe. Bild: BAM


Face-to-face meetings are what counts

Is the trade fair obsolete?:

Are trade fairs still relevant? Just few clicks on the internet result in abundant information – information that is cheap, comprehensive and instant. This often includes contact information on relevant players. However,...