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Quelle: BAM


BAM certifies the world's first reference materials for the determination of the fluorescence quantum yield

Twelve certified reference materials allow reliable and comparable characterization:

Fluorescent materials are used in many areas today: on the security codes of banknotes, in plasma screens or in medical diagnostics. The crucial factor here is that the materials luminesce intensively over a long period of...

Grafik: ©MBI


Topological protection versus degree of entanglement of two-photon light in photonic topological insulators

Researchers from HU, MBI, and the University of Central Florida (USA) have identified criteria for robust transport:

Originally discovered in condensed matter systems, topological insulators are two-dimensional materials that support scattering-free (uni-directional) transport along their edges, even in the presence of defects and disorder....

FBH Adlerhsof, UVC-LED-Bestrahlungssystem, Bild: ©FBH/P. Immerz


FBH presents advances in UV LEDs towards application at ICULTA conference

From disinfection to use against pathogens on human skin:

The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) presents current research results at the virtual ICULTA 2021. In particular, the reliability of UVB and UVC LEDs has been significantly improved – an important step towards their commercial...

Kristallstruktur © HZB


New insights into the structure of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites

Team at HZB has analysed structural data of photovoltaic materials with a novel model:

In photovoltaics, organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites have made a rapid career. But many questions about the crystalline structure of this surprisingly complex class of materials remain unanswered. Now, a team at HZB has...

Schriftzug: Adlershof. Science at work. © WISTA Management GmbH


Berlin Adlershof: Facts and Figures

The Berlin Adlershof Science City is one of the most successful high-technology sites in Germany and Berlin’s largest media site. It is home to 1,200 companies and scientific institutions on an area of 4.2 km² – embedded in...

Galliumnitrid-MMICs © FBH


Bundling unique European expertise for spaceborne devices

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, SweGaN AB, and University of Bristol are partnering in the Kassiopeia project to develop high-performance Ka-band GaN MMICs e.g. for satellite communications and radar applications:

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, SweGaN AB, and University of Bristol are partnering in the European Space Agency funded Kassiopeia project. The teams join forces to develop high-performance Ka-band GaN MMICs (monolithic microwave...

785nm DFB laser © TOPTICA


New 785 nm DFB laser in TO-5 package

TOPTICA eagleyard presents a new chip generation with high performance and excellent signal-to-noise ratio:

At this year's virtual Photonics West, TOPTICA eagleyard presented the DFB-785 laser diode, a chip relaunch based on proven DFB technology. The DFB laser diode delivers 100 mW output power. It provides excellent spectral...

Grafik © PTB


Detection of anisotropy in the optical constants of quartz crystals for soft X-rays

In the PTB, methods for determining the optical constants of materials with synchrotron radiation have been established:

Quartz is an important substrate material for semiconductor structures and is used in a wide variety of industrial fields, for example as a substrate for various mirrors, nanostructures or other functional surfaces features....

a-Si:H/c-Si Grenzfläche © Martin Künsting / HZB


Solar cells: Losses made visible on the nanoscale

Researchers from HZB and University of Utah, USA, have shown how contact layers of silicon solar cells generate loss currents and what their physical origin is:

Solar cells made of crystalline silicon achieve peak efficiencies, especially in combination with selective contacts made of amorphous silicon (a-Si:H). However, their efficiency is limited by losses in these contact layers....


GILUPI and SCIENION announce Collaboration for the Development of Single-Cell CTC Analysis

GILUPI GmbH and SCIENION AG announced that the companies intend to intensify their collaboration in the field of single circulating tumor cell (CTC) analysis. CTCs are rare cells that can be found in the peripheral blood of...

audit berufundfamilie, HZB-Logo


HZB re-certified as a compatibility-friendly company again

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin has been awarded the seal of quality for its corporate compatibility policy since 2011:

HZB has been certified as a family-friendly employer since 2011. Now the research centre has successfully completed the re-auditing process and developed further measures to promote a life phase conscious working culture. The...

Neues Instrument für Molybdän-Sulfid-Dünnschichten © HZB


HZB team researches inexpensive catalysts for the production of hydrogen

With a new instrument at BESSY II, they show how light activates MoS₂ layers to become catalysts:

Thin films of molybdenum and sulfur belong to a class of materials that can be considered for use as photocatalysts. Inexpensive catalysts such as these are needed to produce hydrogen as a fuel using solar energy. However,...

Graphische Darstellung eines oszillierenden Polarons in flüssigem Wasser © MBI


Terahertz waves from electrons oscillating in liquid water

Researchers at Max-Born-Institute have observed radiation in the terahertz range which is initiated during the electron localization process:

Ionization of water molecules by light generates free electrons in liquid water. After generation, the so-called solvated electron is formed, a localized electron surrounded by a shell of water molecules. In the ultrafast...

Adlershof Journal März/April 2021. Cover


Adlershof Journal March/April 2021

How time flies… The Technology Park is turning 30:

There's still room for development: 30 isn't old! // How to succeed: Starting a business – then and now // “Cardboardience” instead of audience: Rost Werbetechnik produces the row fillers //

Illustration: Tüftler © WISTA Management GmbH


Adlershof puts you in a good mood: Why kitchenettes and water coolers are vital places for high technology

Essay by Joachim Fahrun, chief reporter at Berliner Morgenpost:

“Adlershof?” said my chief editor. “That’s a bit overcovered.” In the early 2010s, many people, including me, had reported so much on the Technology Park in Berlin’s South East that some eager media consumers thought it a bit...

Heike Böhme © WISTA Management GmbH


The keeper of the maps and plans of the Science City Adlershof

In conversation with Heike Böhme:

In the late 1980s, she was well on her way to becoming an inventor. Today she is the keeper of the maps and plans of the Science City Adlershof. During the post-reunification period, the 420-hectare area was the last of six...

Stefan Meister. Foto: privat


The data accelerator

Stefan Meister produces chips for faster internet in Adlershof:

The goddess of wind of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Oya, is also responsible for transformation. “She tears away the old,” says Stefan Meister, who could indeed compare his work to hers. The doctor of physics has been...

FMB-Chef Uwe Schneck © WISTA Management GmbH


All grown up: the Technology Park Adlershof turns 30

An entrepreneur, a scientist, and a project manager take a look back and a look ahead:

Has it really been 30 years?! Yes, indeed. The science and business location Adlershof is having a milestone birthday in March. An entrepreneur, a scientist, and a project manager from Adlershof look back, take stock, and...


Accelero Receives EU Eurostars Funding Supporting a Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Lypodystrophy

Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH (“Accelero”) is awarded EUR 136,500 in project grants to support research and development of a gene therapy targeting lypodystrophy. The project called CGT2 is headed by Scandinavian’s leading gene...



Experiment reveals new options for synchrotron light sources

SSMB source combines advantages of synchrotron light with the benefits of FEL pulses:

An international team has shown through a sensational experiment how diverse the possibilities for employing synchrotron light sources are. Accelerator experts from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), the German federal...