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Illustration Smart Home © D. Mahnkopf / WISTA Management GmbH


You're doing really great: How a digital voice helps me on my way

Essay by Dilek Güngör, journalist, and writer from Berlin:

You can do this. It’s easy. Take your time. Haven’t you noticed how your stamina has improved? You could climb mountains. For four months now, I've been taking the stairs in our house as often as I could. On the third floor,...

Beate Mekiffer © WISTA Management GmbH


The minus sign represents something positive

In conversation with Beate Mekiffer, who coordinates innovation projects at WISTA Management GmbH:

To Beate Mekiffer, the minus sign represents something positive. For eleven years now, WISTA Management GmbH’s energy expert has been working on making the high-tech site Adlershof more energy efficient. She does so on the...

Meike Jipp © WISTA Management GmbH


The mobility thinker

Meike Jipp develops concepts for the traffic of the future in Adlershof:

The bus is right on time. Passengers embark. The bus gets them to their desired destination. Or at least to the nearest point of transfer. It goes without saying that green electricity powers the vehicle. It is also possible...

L. Becker mit Sensor © WISTA Management GmbH


Smart on the road

The Technology Park manages its sustainable growth with a mobility concept:

The technology campus is growing steadily. But so are the problems with traffic. Using a smart mobility concept, WISTA now plans to turn the wheel to help the site to grow sustainably for the benefit of its staff, residents,...

Berlin bis 2050 © RLI


How can Berlin become climate neutral?

In a new study, Reiner Lemoine Institut and partners recommend more than 50 climate protection measures and call for more binding commitments:

Since 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement has set the marching orders for climate protection. In order to achieve the 1.5° target if possible and at least the 2° target, not only the federal government but also all states and...

David Weiblein, BTB-Baustelle © WISTA Management GmbH


River water and deep storage

BTB is making energy supply greener:

As long as it works, we don't even notice it. The infrastructure of our cities is just there, under our feet and above our heads. Most of us simply take it for granted. Until it blacks out—then we notice. To prevent this from...

Martin Will und Marcel Linke, WISTA.Service © WISTA Management GmbH


Digital processes

A WISTA facilities manager shows us what the new world of work looks like:

WISTA.Service GmbH looks after around 100 buildings with a combined floor space of several 100,000 square metres, including the most cutting-edge science institutes and technology centres that feature sophisticated building...

Kim Klüber, HU, mit Robotern © WISTA Management GmbH


Digital support for caregivers

Psychologists are working on developing a care robot:

Jotting down tasks, weekly games night reminders, or switching on the lights when necessary: Robots could soon start to make the lives of nursing staff easier. But how would they have to be designed to be accepted? What kind...

IFS-Ingenieur Maxim Matros © WISTA Management GmbH


Designing trams and subways

What will the next generation look like?:

Whenever new tram or U-Bahn vehicles roll on the tracks, it is likely that IFS Design UG from Adlershof were involved in producing them. The same goes for J/JK, a new U-Bahn model series that will go into series production at...

Stefan Schwunk im Future-Living-Wohnen © WISTA Management GmbH


“I live in the future”: A glimpse into Future Living

Thanks to smart home technology, everything in Stefan Schwunk’s loft can be controlled using voice control and an app. Water damages, too, are now a thing of the past.:

Imagine yourself living alone. In spite of this, you wake up every morning to the smell of fresh coffee, the shutters open automatically, the oven is preheated ready for the croissants, and the speakers softly play your...

Bernd Rech und Christian Rickerts eröffnen Real-Labor © HZB / M. Setzpfandt


HZB uses electricity-producing facade wall as real laboratory

Solar façade of the new research building in Adlershof was officially commissioned:

In the presence of the State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations of the State of Berlin, Christian Rickerts, the HZB officially commissioned the solar façade of a new research building on 6 September 2021....

Quantune-Gründerteam © WISTA Management GmbH


Smart diagnostics

Quantune Technologies are revolutionising the use of infrared lasers:

The first few years of a start-up could hardly be more adventurous: Founded with an EXIST grant straight from Berlin’s Humboldt University (HU) in October 2019, Quantune Technologies GmbH moved into its labs at Adlershof’s...

M. Bickermann, IKZ © WISTA Management GmbH


Atoms enlarged 100 million times

Crystals from Adlershof made possible a world record for electron microscopy imaging:

This picture looks like a great work of art. Red and yellow dots shine from the darkness—arranged in strict fashion along horizontal and vertical lines—some only once, some of them twice. The picture was not, however, created...

Cover Adlershof Journal Sep/Okt 21


Adlershof Journal September/October 2021

Mobility, climate, health: It’s in our hands:

Smart diagnostics: Revolutionising infrared lasers // River water and deep storage: Making energy supply greener // Robots in care: HU research project

Illu Energie Adlershof © WISTA Management GmbH


United for more energy efficiency

EU project funds networks promoting energy saving in Adlershof:

There’s no alternative to saving more energy—for economic as well as ecological reasons. The harmful effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident in the form of heat waves, melting arctic ice, or dangerous... © WISTA Management GmbH


Artificial intelligence for a successful energy transition

Data-driven risk assessment offered by aims at paving the way to a hundred-percent self-sufficiency with green electricity:

The Adlershof-based founding couple behind provide decision-making support for companies, communities, and other organisations that seek to decrease their carbon emissions through wind and solar projects. To do...

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schröder © IKZ / Tina Merkau


Thomas Schröder is the new Executive Board Spokesman of FVB

The Director of the IKZ wants to promote digitalization, internationalization, equality and climate neutrality at Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.:

Professor Thomas Schröder, Director of the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ), is the new Executive Board Spokesman of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. (FVB) as of September 1, 2021. The term of office is two years....

K. Borysova im LUM-Applikationslabor © LUM GmbH


Practical learning at LUM GmbH

Adlershof-based analytics company continues education offensive in collaboration with the German Society for International Cooperation in 2021:

Many educational institutions have been struggling with the pandemic conditions since March 2020. At LUM GmbH, education is valued as one of the highest assets and attention is paid to the greatest possible practical...


Adlershof at work: Dr. Anton Nagy, founder and CEO of ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH

#RoleModelsAdlershof in English this August:

They are the drivers, hearts, and minds of our Technology Park – our #RoleModelsAdlershof. In our August edition, we speak to Dr. Anton Nagy, the CEO of ILS - Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH, which performs simulation, design,...

Leibniz Technology Souvereignty © IKZ


Leibniz institutes join expertise to strengthen national and European technology sovereignty

IKZ assumes the coordinating and spokesperson functions:

Beginning of July, the new Leibniz Strategy Forum “Technological Sovereignty” officially started its work. Leibniz institutions have launched this initiative to develop interdisciplinary contributions of the Leibniz...