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Picture: Bruker


Bruker Announces World's First 1.2 GHz High-Resolution Protein NMR Data

World record for stable, homogeneous NMR magnets for high-resolution and solid-state protein NMR applications:

At EUROISMAR 2019 (, Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) today announced the world’s first 1.2 GHz high-resolution, protein nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data. Two 1.2 GHz superconducting...

AJ Sep/Okt 2019 Titel


Adlershof Journal September/October 2019

Traffic status update: How to get to where we want to go:

More buses and trains: BVG plans for Adlershof //  Excess electricity for electric mobility: Strategies for more sustainable mobility //  Enthusiastic about racing: Heinrich Follmann and his motorbikes //

Illustration: D. Mahnkopf


Urban motion sickness

Nowadays, everything is electric – e-cars, e-mopeds, e-scooters, e-cigarettes, e-motion. Essay by Matthias Gerschwitz:

‘Stay mobile with Mobilat’ was the slogan of a 1990s commercial for an ointment providing relaxation and relief for painful muscles and joints after exercising. This worked because, during the last century, there was a close...

Christine Eisenmann, DLR © WISTA Management GmbH


In conversation with Christine Eisenmann

The transport researcher is heading the ‘Transforming Automobility’ group at the DLR:

The average German is on the road for 80 minutes a day. Transport researcher Christine Eisenmann takes her bike to work, which takes her to and around the Technology Park Adlershof without having to deal with traffic. Living...

Heinrich Follmann


The entrepreneurial scientist

Heinrich Follmann is an avid cyclist:

The first few kilometres of his way to work take Heinrich Follmann through the depths of the forest. He has been cycling down this track almost every day for many years. The bike path ‘Euroroute R1’ connects Calais with St....

Lukas Becker, Peter Wagner © WISTA Management GmbH


It’s all in the mix

Neighbourhood parking, bike parking, mobility hubs – ideas for a new mobility concept in Adlershof:

The Technology Park Adlershof is growing and continues its success. On the flipside, however, the local transportation infrastructure is under pressure. Congestion, lack of parking, and public transport that is groaning under...

Frank Wittwer © WISTA Management GmbH


Two new pedestrian and bike bridges

Infrastructure measures in the north of the Adlershof development area:

New infrastructure measures in the north of the development area in Adlershof are going forward. Public transport is being expanded, including a tram line by 2021. Two new streets, Wagner-Régeny-Allee and...

Rainer Paul © BVG


More buses, more trains

What is the BVG planning in the Science City Adlershof?:

Buses and trams to Adlershof are often overcrowded, particularly during commuting hours in the mornings and afternoons on weekdays. And the Science City keeps on growing. How will future employees commute, students get to...

BTB-Ladesäule © WISTA Management GmbH


Excess electricity for electric mobility

In the FlexNet4E-Mobility research project, strategies for more sustainable mobility are developed:

When the power grid works at full capacity, electricity from renewable energy sources is cut back. In the FlexNet4E-Mobility project, a consortium of the Berlin-based energy provider BTB is developing strategies to better use...

Galliumoxid-Chip © FBH/


Gallium oxide power transistors with record values

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut achieves breakthrough in the field of energy-efficient power electronics:

Powerful electronic components are indispensable for future communications, for the digital transformation of society and for artificial intelligence applications. On a footprint as small as possible, they should offer low...

Johann Gocht, Elias Kerlinski © WISTA Management GmbH


Riding the waves low-noise and emissions-free – a perfect day out on the water

Start-up Greenboatsolutions helps boat owners convert to electric engines:

Electric cars, bikes and scooters: out on the streets, the electrification of transportation is well underway. But how about on the water? Germany has more than 500,000 boats on inland waters and in coastal areas. Most of...

Bessy II, Berlin Technologiepark Adlershof, Experimentierhalle Bild: © WISTA


Physicists develop "time machine" for materials research at Bessy II

About two million euros in funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the project:

Researchers from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Freie Universität Berlin and Technische Universität München will develop fast electronics for data acquisition at BESSY II. It will make it possible to record...

Dirk Germandi, Brain Box Berlin © Profi Partner AG


Environmentally friendly mobility for a booming neighbourhood

Electric engines and shuttle services aim to take the pressure off local traffic:

‘Mobility is changing the way we work and the offices we work in,’ says Dirk Germandi. As the managing director of the real estate company Projektgesellschaft Gartenstadt Adlershof, Brain Box Berlin (BBB) is much more to him...

Norman Pieniak, RLI © WISTA Management GmbH


Batteries vs. fuel cells

The Reiner Lemoine Institute compiled an overview of the advantages and disadvantages:

Over the past few years, traffic and transportation are Germany’s only sectors where greenhouse gas emissions are increasing. Switching to electric cars is an important countermeasure to this trend. There are currently two...

Patrick Stüwe auf seinem E-Scooter am Forum Adlershof © WISTA Management GmbH


Electric scooters are a rare sight in Adlershof

We look at why:

Electric scooters were officially made legal in Germany in June 2019. Since then, they have become all the rage but also the subject of much heated debate. They quickly became an everyday part of life in the city centre but...

Präzisions-Messtisch © HZB


New imaging method developed at HZB

Tomoscopy provides insights into dynamic processes with over 200 3D X-ray images per second:

An international research team at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) has set a new tomography world record using a rotary sample table developed at the HZB. With 208 three-dimensional tomographic X-ray images per second, they were...

25th anniversary single molecule workshop, Picture: © PicoQuant


PicoQuant celebrates 25 years of Single Molecule Workshop

This years edition of the workshop hosts an impressive line-up of renowned speakers, including two Nobel prize laureates:

This year marks the 25th anniversary of PicoQuant’s annual workshop on “Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Super-resolution Microscopy in the Life Sciences”. The celebratory event, taking place in Berlin from September 3 to 6,...

Forscherteam unterrsucht Papyrus am Bessy II in Adlershof © HZB


HZB researchers unveil “secret ink” on ancient Nile papyrus

Non-destructive examination of the fragile papyrus with Bessy II:

Researchers from the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection, Berlin universities and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin studied a small piece of papyrus that was excavated on the island of Elephantine on the River Nile a little over...

Bessy II Beamline Adlershof, Bild: © HZB


German Russian collaboration further strengthened at HZB

New Research Group to Investigate Quantum Materials for Future Information Technologies:

HZB physicist Jaime Sanchez-Barriga can establish a "Helmholtz-RSF Joint Research Group". Over the next three years he will receive additional funding from the Helmholtz Association and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) to...


IKZ researcher Dr. Reinhard Uecker receives Frank Prize from the International Organization for Crystal Growth (IOCG)

Award for new findings in the field of crystal growing:

Prof. Dr. Darrell Schlom, Cornell University, USA, and Dr. Reinhard Uecker, Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ), Germany, received the Frank Prize of the International Organization for Crystal Growth (IOCG) for their...