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A Night of Discoveries

The Long Night of the Sciences is back on 15 June 2019:

Do you want to escape the bad air of the city? Why don’t you come to the Science City Adlershof on 15 June at 5pm and take part in the “smartest” night of the year? Come and take a deep breath. The young company Solaga for...

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Forest Rangers and Woodpile Scanners: About smart forestry

Adlershof start-up VINS 3D develops digital scanners for measurement and inventory:

“Long-term forestry is unthinkable if the timber supply from our forests is not calculated with sustainability in mind.” In his treatise on the taxation of the forests, the forest scientist Georg Ludwig Hartig coined the now...

MHET-Moleküle aus PET-Kunststoff. Copyright: M. Künsting/HZB


“Molecular scissors” for plastic waste

At BESSY II, an enzyme for decomposing PET plastics was decoded:

A research team from the University of Greifswald and Helmholtz-Zentrum-Berlin (HZB) has solved the molecular structure of the important enzyme MHETase at BESSY II. MHETase was discovered in bacteria and together with a...

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Fruitful networking at HZB Industry Day

Shaping the future of optoelectronics and photovoltaics with industrial partners:

On 28th March, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin invited industry key players in the fields of optoelectronics and photovoltaics to an industry day in Berlin-Adlershof to discuss around the key topics material and components...

Phononen im Halbleiter Galliumarsenid. Bild: MBI


Amplifier for terahertz lattice vibrations in a semiconductor crystal

MBI scientists see great potential for ultrasound imaging with a sub-nanometer spatial resolution:

In analogy to the amplification of light in a laser, vibrations of a semiconductor crystal, so called phonons, were enhanced by interaction with an electron current. Excitation of a metal-semiconductor nanostructure by...

Prof. Dr. Gavril Farkas © Kristina Schulze/HU


Two Million Euros for HU Mathematician Gavril Farkas

ERC Advanced Grant awarded for groundbreaking research in the field of algebraic geometry:

Professor Dr. Gavril Farkas is regarded worldwide as one of the leading mathematicians in the field of algebraic curves. ‘My research is internationally oriented, and my networks have also been shaped by my time in Princeton...

Prof. Dr. Thomas Elsässer | Foto: Ralf Günther, MBI


For the second time, an ERC Advanced Grant has been awarded to Prof. Thomas Elsaesser

Project “Electric Interactions and Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Biomolecules”:

Thomas Elsaesser receives a prestigious Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) which supports, for a period of 5 years, basic research on dynamic electric interactions of DNA and RNA with ions and their water...

Jürgen Breitlow. Bild: PicoQuant


New Chief Technology Officer strengthens PicoQuant’s R&D Department

Jürgen Breitlow now coordinates the work in all development areas:

Due to its steady growth, PicoQuant has broadened its management structures. In August 2018, Jürgen Breitlow (50) took over from Rainer Erdmann, Managing Director of PicoQuant, the holistic management of the company's three...

Bild: © AIBrain


Adlershof Intelligence

AiBrain aims to develop a completely autonomous artificial brain:

The small business AIBrain has big plans: to develop an artificial intelligence that thinks, learns, remembers and solves problems like a human. The artificial brain is already working in the company’s first products. ...

Adlershof Journal März/April 2019. Titelbild


Adlershof Journal March/April 2019

K. O. or A. I.? What artificial intelligence is doing to us and our time:

Man and machine: Who is calling the tune? // Clever chaps: football-playing robots and automated transporters //  Great cinema: a journey through the history of AI //

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Do machines dream of human rights?

Artificial intelligence as a theme for film – a journey through cinematic history:

Essay by Rüdiger Suchsland, a German film journalist and film critic The sentences have to be short and precise. That’s the first thing you learn when communicating with an artificial intelligence. It’s also the advice Chuck...

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An interview with Linda Onnasch

The Berlin psychologist is researching how humanlike machines ought to be:

She was never interested in becoming a therapist. Instead, psychologist Linda Onnasch is investigating how humanlike a machine ought to be and who should have the final say in the cooperation between man and machine. For all...

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The Quality Inspector

Daniel Herfert develops industrial applications with AI inside:

He studied under a visionary. In 2050, a robot football team will defeat the German national team, Daniel Herfert’s academic teacher Hans-Dieter Burkhard loved to prophesise. Outlooks like this are not uncommon on the...

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Hype or High Potential?

Adlershof-based companies develop strategies for wise and safe use of AI:

Companies seem to have no lack of money and exhilaration when it comes to using artificial intelligence and Big Data. But when it comes to strategies for how to use them wisely and standards for how to use them safely, then...

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When robots take over the work: from transporting to kicking

Researchers and companies in Adlershof are hands-on involved in the development:

A tense hush descends as the Berlin United team scuffles in front of the opposing goal. Will the player make the shot and bring the game to a draw? He shoots, he scores and the crowd roars wildly: Draaaw! They could still...

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Communication has to be learnt

Preparing robots to absorb information with all senses / New cluster of excellence „Science of Intelligence“ with HU and TU Berlin:

Languages, gestures, facial expressions and much more – that is how human-to-human communication works. How the complex human ability to communicate can be reproduced in an artificial intelligence is the subject of research...

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Multiagents to break up traffic jams

DLR traffic researchers are looking for solutions to increasing freight traffic:

Gernot Liedtke is working on making the future navigable – in the truest sense of the word. The department head at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and his team are researching whether delivery vehicles in future could still...

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AI analysis for the superficial

At the Adlershof Founder’s Lab the start-up ProMetronics is working on flawless functional microsurfaces:

The young Adlershof company ProMetronics UG combines 3D microscopy with artificial intelligence to inspect the quality of functional microsurfaces already in the manufacturing process. If defects are detected, the AI findings...

Galliumarsenid-Einkristall 4", gezüchtet mit der VGF-Methode | Photo: IKZ


G-ray Nanotech and IKZ join forces to develop detector-grade Gallium Arsenide wafers

New platform for very high performance X-ray detectors:

G-ray Nanotech and IKZ have entered into a research and development collaboration covering the doping of Gallium Arsenide structures and the manufacturing of high purity crystals in wafer form factor for detector...


Boehringer Ingelheim and 3B Pharmaceuticals sign drug discovery collaboration

Harnessing the structural plethora of peptides to discover novel therapeutics:

3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH (3BP), a private German biotechnology company announced a multi-year collaboration in the field of peptide-led drug discovery with Boehringer Ingelheim. Under the agreement, 3BP will employ its...