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Center for Photonics and Optics

Location: Carl-Scheele Str. 16, 12489 BerlinUse: Offices, LabsArchitects: Matthias Sauerbruch, Louisa Hutton, Coordination: Fraunhofer Management mit Bauplanung Stoessel, Buildt: June 1996 - Mach 1998Investment: 51 Mio....


High Resolution Stereo Camera

Photos like no man has seen before. 3D images from the red planet – for many years considered to be impossible, this vision has become reality. The credit for these spectacular images belongs to the High Resolution Stereo...


Encryption Systems keeping secrets secret

Developed in Adlershof, deployed throughout the world: ELCRODAT 6-2, is currently the most advanced encryption system in the world for ISDN networks. Developed by a company called Rohde und Schwarz SIT – a subsidiary of...


Verliebt in Berlin (popular TV series) to be continued – with a new leading man

The series “Verliebt in Berlin“ has quickly become a hit in the ratings and has won not only the hearts of the viewers, but also the highly respected Deutschen Fernsehpreis 2005, the German “Emmy” - a remarkable success that,...


Digital film scanner: How space research benefits the film industry

In principle, films today are shot just as they were 50 years ago: on analog film material. Worldwide, more and more film reels are being stored in overflowing leasing and film archives. A solution was needed so that all this...


Good bye, Lenin! 78,000 sqm to film 79 sqm

There is hardly another German film that has gained so much attention both nationally and internationally as Wolfgang Becker’s film about a 21 year old, named Alex, whose mother suffered a heart attack just prior to the fall...


Akte 2010: One file that will never be closed

At 51, moderator and front man Ulrich Meyer is already a relic in the fast paced world of German television. The same can be said of his TV show: Akte 2006. The information program has held a solid place in German television...


The "reel-free" studio: The digital revolution

Bits and bytes can replace long courier journeys and costly recording tape. This is the mantra of an innovative solution that significantly increases the transfer speed over traditional transport methods for film material....


The Debates - Chancellor Candidates Duel on TV

Running the full circle in Adlershof. Once upon a time in Adlershof, there was a young physicist who arrived at work every morning at 7:15 a.m. at the office building of the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry to brew...


High Definition Television (HDTV) - 1:0 for Studio Berlin

The greatest sporting event in the world is the FIFA World Cup, which by any measure, sets the standards. The same can be said of Studio Berlin, which developed the first HDTV-OB unit (Outside Broadcast) and broadcast to the...

Adlershof Special 6: Dünnschicht-Photovoltaik


Adlershof Special 6: Thin Films

Special Issue for InterSolar: Fat Pickings for Thin Films // Meetings on the Solar Sector // Solar cells with pinstripes // Catalyst for new technology // Solar Electricity – Competitive Strength Through Diversification of...


Meetings on the Solar Sector

In just a few years Adlershof has evolved into a research and productioncentre for thin film solar cells. A new event is to provide freshimpetus to this trend. Following intensive preparations by the eventteam Adlershof...


Catalyst for new technology

Dr. Rutger Schlatmann on PVcomB What is PVcomB? Rutger Schlatmann – PVcomB, or the Competence Centre Thin-Film and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics Berlin, is an initiative of the HZB, the Berlin Helmholtz Centre, and the...


Solar Electricity – Competitive Strength Through Diversification of Technologies

In the turbulent business year of 2008 photovoltaics in Germany could report a record growth of about 1,500 megawatts peak in the form of new power generating installations. Already this year – and so considerably faster than...


Business Card on the Roofs

Michael Eyberg knows Adlershof from above. When the engineer points out on the city map where his company Dachland has been active over recent years, the results are impressive: the Photonics Centre, the UTZ Bio and Energy...


The supressor

The lift is stuck; the traffic lights are going wild; the signal from the mobile phone can be heard on the car radio: false signals in electrical equipment are often the cause of costly malfunctions – and their source is just...


X-ray analysis for solar films

About three years ago companies on the photovoltaics sectors approached Norbert Langhoff. His company, IfG Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH, develops highly complex X-ray systems for analysing materials. “Elbrus XRF”...

Adlershof Special 5: Informations- und Medientechnologie


Adlershof Special 5: Information and media technology

Breeding ground for start up companies // Physical and professional proximity // The economy observed // Tapas and the cinema dome // A few rooms down the hall

Adlershof Special 3: Photovoltaik


Adlershof Special 3: Photovoltaics

Solar city Adlershof:

New Technology Centre for Photovoltaics // Unconventional developments // The movers of the future // FVS – A decentralised large-scale research institute // Farewell to silicon // A trip to the optics valley ...

Adlershof Special 2: MIPIM 2008


Adlershof Special 2: MIPIM 2008

Real Estate Fair in Cannes:

Science as a catalyst of economic growth // Where innovations are born // Knowledge as a money-spinner // Air to breathe // Adlershof's new north // The 'can do' spirit // Adlershof is different // "Adlershof must be first...