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Adlershof Journal November/December 2018

New Life Paths: This Is How We Do It:

The self-driving tram: Adlershof engineers co-developed it //  Starting out by dropping out: Highly sought after trainees //  Unbreakable: Research on ultra-strong glass //

Illustration: Dorothee Mahnkopf


Just give up – and set new goals for yourself

Essay by Sven Marx:

It is not easy to live with two life-threatening medical diagnoses. My advice to everybody who is diagnosed with a life-changing disease: just give up! By that I don’t mean to give up on yourself but give up on your old life....

Nicole Acksteiner


Meet: Event Manager Nicole Acksteiner

The future director of Acksteiner Events is organising the Science City Adlershof’s first annual ball:

Nicole Acksteiner has courage. She is not afraid of entering unknown terrain. The event manager is currently making a name for herself for among the people of Adlershof for hosting the Science City’s first annual ball, which...

Borsu Asisi


The Online Revolutionary

Borsu Asisi is building a new foundation for digital communication:

For every technology, there is a time to step down. The steam engine was replaced by the combustion engine, the airship by the aeroplane, and propellers by jet fuel. For Borsu Asisi, this is the bottom line of 200 years...

Thomas Straubinger, IKZ


Stepping out of the comfort zone

From scientist to entrepreneur and back – Two examples from Adlershof:

A fresh start. Not many people dare to make it. However, a change of perspective can be very rewarding as is shown by the example of two people from Campus Adlershof, who went from researcher to business founder and from...

Fragmente der Qumran-Rollen. Quelle: BAM


Dead Sea Scrolls from the Museum of the Bible faked?

BAM Research on the Qumran fragments raises doubts about their authenticity:

On 22 October 2018, the Museum of the Bible announced the results of the analysis of its five Dead Sea Scrolls fragments. At the request of the museum, the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) conducted a...

Dominik Sudau im Reinraum


Starting out by dropping out

Two apprentices from Adlershof tell us about their new careers:

Hundreds of thousands of young people in Germany go to university. The natural sciences are increasingly popular. However, every third student drops out of college. They do so for various reasons. Dropping out must not mean...

Siemens Mobility: Voss, Delianski


Battery electric buses and self-driving trams

The future has already arrived at Siemens Mobility in Adlershof:

When the first self-driving tram whooshes towards us, it looks like an ordinary tram riddled with cameras, sensors, radars and laser scanners. It is the most recent feat of the development department at Siemens Mobility,...

BAM-Wissenschaftler beim Guss von Glasblöcken


All You Need Is Glass

Scientists from BAM Adlershof are researching unbreakable glass:

Ralf Müller starts waxing lyrical when he talks about glass. “It’s such a fascinating material. Much lighter and even more robust than steel,” says Müller, who is head of the Department 5.6 Glass at the BAM Federal Institute...

HZB  Hysprint Labor Berlin


Sprinting towards the tandem cell

How the Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT brings together business and research:

Researchers at the Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT conduct application-based research on promising solar cells. The development of their refined ideas depends on bringing working together with the industry. A magical...

Mitarbeiter vinarIT


BIM creates inventions

Searching for skilled personnel, the company vinarIT is focusing on older staff:

vinarIT GmbH integrates IT systems for planning, implementing, and operating large infrastructure projects. The company needs staff who are skilled in construction technology as well as IT. A rare combination. The situation...

Andreas Künzel


Avoiding bridge failures through prevention

The start-up Sensical seeks to use fibre-optical measurement technology to examine buildings and develop maintenance plans:

Forty-three people died when a bridge collapsed in Geneva in mid-August. A ruptured cable was the likely cause. In Germany, too, the bad condition of many bridges regularly makes the headlines. In Berlin, many busy streets...

ERC Synergy Grant Maier, Christiansen, Schett. Bild: FAU


ERC Synergy grant with HZB participation

Novel X-ray microscope to produce microstructural images in situ and in vivo:

An interdisciplinary team of scientists will develop a new imaging method to investigate osteoporosis and other bone diseases in living subjects. Prof. Silke Christiansen, a scientist at HZB and physics professor at Freie...

SMT-Aufnahme Blauer Phosphor HZB


Blue phosphorus - mapped and measured for the first time

HZB team was able to examine samples of blue phosphorus at BESSY II for the first time:

Until recently, the existence of "blue" phosphorus was pure theory: Now an HZB team was able to examine samples of blue phosphorus at BESSY II for the first time and confirm via mapping of their electronic band structure that...

Bild: P. Knittel/Fraunhofer IAF


Nanodiamonds as photocatalysts

Research team is testing materials for the production of solar fuels at HZB:

Diamond nanomaterials are considered hot candidates for low-cost photocatalysts. They can be activated by light and can then accelerate certain reactions between water and CO2 and produce carbon-neutral "solar fuels". The EU...



Future data storage technology: fast access, high storage density

MBI researchers image extremely small magnetic nanostructures with invisibility cloak:

In novel concepts of magnetic data storage, it is intended to send small magnetic bits back and forth in a chip structure, store them densely packed and read them out later. The magnetic stray field generates problems when...

Präsentation Plasmalyse in Berlin Adlershof. Bild: Dr. P. Strunk


Graforce produces environmentally friendly fuel from wastewater

Plasmalysis converts pollutants into energy and reduces emissions by up to 60 %:

The Berlin-based tech company Graforce has introduced a unique technology: Plasmalysis saves resources in its highly efficient generation of hydrogen from industrial waste water. Mixing in biogas produces hydrogen-enriched...

Plasmaquelle FBH © FBH/D. Wolf


Activating surfaces with flexible and compact plasma sources

At SEMICON Europa FBH will present a compact atmospheric plasma source in operation and further developments based on III-V electronics:

At the SEMICON Europa trade fair in Munich, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) will showcase new developments at the joint stand of »Research Fab Microelectronics« in hall A4, stand 504 from 13 to 16 November 2018. Among...

Bild: OptecBB


Photonik Tage Berlin Brandenburg to take place in Adlershof

Most important photonics industry event in the federal capital region / 500 guests expected on 17 and 18 October 2018:

For the second time, the Berlin Adlershof Science and Technology Park will host the Photonik Tage Berlin Brandenburg (Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg) on 17 and 18 October 2018. More than 500 expected visitors include...

Logo: audit beruf und familie


Fam­ily-friendly em­ployer: Leib­niz-In­sti­tut für Kristallzüchtung

Adlershof-based research institute re­ceives the cer­ti­fic­ate for the audit beru­fund­fam­ilie (work and fam­ily audit) again:

On September 30, 2018, the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) was awarded the berufundfamilie audit certificate for further three years. The certificate is awarded to the institute for its commitment in the area of...