Kunstkaserne Berlin Adlershof öffnet: Staffeleien statt Strammstehen

31. Januar 2013

Kunstkaserne Berlin Adlershof öffnet

Staffeleien statt Strammstehen

Nie war Konversion kreativer. Am Groß-Berliner Damm 80, Haus 1/Eingang 2, 2. Etage, beginnt mit der Eröffnung der Kunstkaserne Berlin Adlershof eine neue Ära.

Eröffnung am 31. Januar, ab 19h:

Collective Exhibition - Resident artists plus special guests

Optical Turntable
Collective Painting
Jam Session


- Adrienn Veres (paintings)
- Anne Petters (light installation)
- Alex Leggin (paintings)
- Barbara Pavlova (illustrations)
- Camilla Margarito (painting)
- Elise Gerard (drawings)
- "G" (paintings/collages)
- Giselle Steinhauer (illustrations)
- Juliana da Costa Jose (mixed media)
- Lili Konishchev (drawings)
- Lucas Tesoriero (painting)
- Mark Fridvalszki (mixed media)
- Martino Larocchia (painting)
- Nadia Michelin (painting)
- Nic Daniel (icons)
- Poppy Pellegrini & Clelia Patrono (video/sound-installation)
- Roonald Reiska (paintings)
- Sadie Weis (sculptures/installation)
- Servando Barreiro (optical turntable)
- Silvia Camagni (videoinstallation)
- Tom Backe Rasmussen (paintings)
- Vivian Babeliow (paintings)
- Vonkor Lab (illustrations)

Music by

- Ohmrad aka Sim on Kor funkle (Synthe/Drum machines)
- Crash 0.1 (DJ Mix)
- Charlie (DJ Mix)
- Cyber23 a.k.a.The acid noise / OtakonCrew (Synthe/ DM)
- FragMeNT (Dj Set)
- Evil Trust (Dj-Set)
- Analog Resistance

Visuals by

- aiKia / Synth(es).t.h.N.YS
- Lain (Live video)

+ Chtonian food buffet: 20:00

Groß-Berliner Damm 80
Haus1/Eingang2, 2nd floor
12487 Berlin

0175-67 05 004 (Juliana da Costa José)

Über Kunstkaserne Berlin

Studios, workspaces and room for exhibitions for artists and musicians – Kunstkaserne Berlin is a former barrack of the Deutsche Wehrmacht. It is located in the south-east of Berlin near the historic Airspace Johannisthal. Founded 1909 it was the first airport of Germany and one of the most important military airports of the Deutsches Reich in 1st and 2nd Worldwar.

After 2nd Worldwar the barrack was used by russian army and later by the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (Stasi). Now the two first levels are in usage by several business companies. The third level is open for art and culture. Artists from all over the world can find there a workspace for their creativity.

The rent is 5€ per m³ (all incl. with taxes).  Because of distructions after a storm not all soldierrooms are usable for being rented, because of water running in some rooms which made dark patches on the walls.

You can reach Kunstkaserne Flugplatz Johannisthal with S Bahn 45, 46, 8, 9, (Station: S Schöneweide NOT Betriebsbahnhof Schöneweide!!! Station is closed to our side!) or by bus 163 (Station: Ingenieurbaubetrieb (Berlin)) (Mo-Fr).

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